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Kennel Sher

Kennel Sher. Nadejda Mikheeva & Quick Fly VindicatorWelcome to our kennel SHER! It was founded in 1988 by its owner Nadejda Mikheeva. The first puppies-airedales were born in 1989 from Chirem (male)and Jinna Troyan (female). In 1996 the kennel SHER was registered in Russian Kynological Federation (RKF) and FCI.
Our airedale-terriers often take part in different dog shows (CAC, CACIB etc), and become winners in many classes. Among them: Quick Fly Vindicator, Sher Todes, Sher Toften, Sher Tracy Flaya, Smileton Divais, Sher Zadora, Sher Yana, Sher Atos, Sher Byline and many others.
We also breed russian toy-terriers (Russian toys), papillons, pyreneens and Central Asian Shepherds (CAS). Many of our toy-terriers also became winners in different-level dog-shows. Among them there are: Agatha (from ISTOK), Sher Rom Lucy, Sher Selia and many others. For several times SHER was recognised the best Russian kennel of toy-terriers.
Our CAS also take part in dog-shows with great results.

If you want to have healthy and beautiful dogs, please, contact us. We can suggest you show class puppies and we'll help you with trimming and medicine.

Black Russian Terrier Breed Store. Dog Harnesses, Collars Leads and much more is here


May be you want to know what puppies we have now?

Airedale-terriers   Russian toy-terriers  

You can see the photos of the dogs from our kennel here:

airedale terriers Russian long-haired toy terriers Central Asian Shepherds
Airedaleterriers   Russian toy-terriers   Central Asian Shepherds

And here you can look at the photogalleries of our friends and partners:
1. Toy-terriers from Kaliningrad (Elena and Eugeny Abramov);

We have private pages of our dogs! This list is growing week by week. Please, have a look:

1. Quick Fly Vindicator (Nadejda Mikheeva) - airedale;
2. Sher Roberta (Olga Berova) - toy-terrier;
3. Sher Tingly Gold (Tatiana Shapovalova) - toy-terrier;
4. Puppies from Sher Cintia and Ch Russia, Lithuania, Belorussia Stargus Galiano;
5. Photos from Russian Nacional Dogshow of airedale terriers (Moscow, 28.05.2005);
6. Sher Edgard de Wella Lux (Ekaterina Beliaeva) - airedale;
7. Sher Gnom Gosha (Ludmila Tseitlina) - toy-terrier;
8. Sher Lizzy Lits (Tatiana Karpova) - airedale;
9. Sher Emmanuelle (Ksenia Piskunova) - airedale;
10. Sher Zibald (Anastasiya Romanova) - airedale;
11. Sher Konstancia (Taissiya Ustinova) - toy-terrier;
12. Sher Shiko (Julia) - toy-terrier;
13. Puppies from Ch.Rus. Sher Tingly Gold and Ch. Rus. Sher Agath Afanasiy (toy-terriers);
14. Jerom Sher Eldar (Sergey Kifuryak) - airedale;
15. Sher Ulanya (Darya Galkina) - toy-terrier;
16. My Nutzen Persian Prinzess (Julia) - airedale;
17. Sher Siyana - toy-terrier;
18. Sher Oriel Potseluichik (Tatiana Gorkunova) - toy-terrier;
19. Sher D'Alalia Karmen (Alia Biktimirova) - airedale;
20. Sher Fest (Elena Preobrazhenskaya) - airedale;
21. Irina and Georgy Dmitriev and their dogs, part 1;
22. Sher Odry Are Even Best (Elena) - airedale;
23. Sher Martin and other dogs of Marina Shashkina (toy-terriers);
24. Sher Byline (Alexandr Batkin) - airedale;
25. Elena Doronda and her kennel of toyterriers "Mazasis Elfas" (Lithuania);
26. Sher Elf Leon (Andrey Lomovtsev) - toy-terrier;
27. Sher Ermolay - airedale;
28. Photos from dog-show "Terrier's Union 2006";
29. Sher Honey (Svetlana Dumenik) - toy-terrier;
30. Sher Garry Brake (Anastasiya Bobrova) - airedale;
31. Sher Idalgo (Anna Panfilenkova) - toy-terrier;
32. Sher Cyntia (Olga Bobykina) - airedale;
33. Kazanova Sher Masasis Elfas (Nadejda Mikheeva) - toy-terrier;
34. Terrier Band Shantekler (Kira Ageeva) - airedale;
35. Sher Pancho (Tatiana Shapovalova) - toy-terrier;
36. Sher Peppy (Ludmila Tseitlina) - toy-terrier;
37. Sher Giddy Show (Natalya Popova) - toy-terrier;
38. Sher Unna (Olga Berova) - toy-terrier;
39. Papillons (Irina Chistyakova) - papillons;
40. Sher Pinchy (Svetlana Dumenik) - Russian toy;
41. Sher Candy Way (Alexandr Tokarev) - airedale;
42. Sher Cerceria (Elena Vdovina) - airedale;
43. Sher Kay (Ekaterina Iliynova) - Russian toy;
44. Sher Unika Beautiful Flower (Olesya Lagutina) - Russian toy;
45. Sher Krasavchik Macho (Liudmila Orlova) - Russian toy;
46. Sher Schebetushka Chupa (Taissiya Ustinova) - Russian toy;
47. Sher Yagodka (Valentina Sarycheva) - Russian toy;
48. Smileton Device (Elena Vdovina) - airedale;
49. Sher Solvea (B. Romanov) - airedale;
50. Sher Vishenka II (Andrey Shehov) - Russian toy;
51. Sher Zhemchuzhina (Olga Paltseva) - Russian toy;
52. Sher Zolotinka (Andrey Shehov) - Russian toy;
53. Sher Lavelas Ivashka (Nadejda Mikheeva) - Russian toy;
54. Sher Infinity (Irina Dmitrieva) - Russian toy;
55. Sher Ozornitsa (Elena Chertkoeva) - Russian Toy;
56. Sher Orlando Rich (Valentina Ivleva) - Russian toy;
57. Sher Dorofey (Elena Filippova) - Russian toy;
58. Sher Joy Jerom de La Fer (Svetlana Serebrennikova) - airedale;
59. Russian toys in Japan (Aki Morita and Rumi-sun);
60. Sher Pirat (Tatiana Treshalova) - Russian toy;
61. Sher Zhaklin July (Tatiana Treshalova) - Russian Toy;
62. Sher Uliana Yudel (Svetlana Mazurova) - Russian Toy;
63. Sher Iolanta (E. Chubarova) - Russian Toy;
64. Sher Krissy (Marina Kuznetsova) - Airedale;
65. Lenar Valiullin and Svetlana Fadeeva's Airedales;
66. Mila Tseitlina (Germany) - Russian Toys;
67. Sher Anzhelina Schokoladnaya Mechta (Marina Kuzmina) - Russian Toy;
68. Sher Truecoat Rokly (Vlad Lavrukhin) - Airedale;
69. Sher Reylok (German Rovinsky) - Airedale;
70. Sher Ustisha (Oksana Vazhenina) - Russian Toy;
71. Sher Zharzhetta Pugovka (Alyona Rudacheva) - Russian Toy;
72. Sher Going Always Forward (Guy) - Airedale (Alexandr Tokarev);
73. Sher Zham-Per (Jump) - airedale (Eugenia Zharova);
74. Sher Larsen Lari Lucky - airedale (Larisa Boshkovich);
75. Sher Shairiel Taira - airedale (Elena Beliaeva);
76. Sher Ezhevichka (Ekaterina Dolgih) - Russian toy;
77. Sher Yalika (Liubov Kutepova) - Russian toy;
78. Sher Lawrens Fon Terrier (Oleg Korneev) - Airedale;
79. Russian toys of Tatiana Chernysheva;
80. Sher Emily (Natalia Yakusevich) - Russian toy;
81. Sher Etty (Irina Salihova) - Russian toy;
82. Sher Iolanta Umnitsa (Ekaterina Frolova) - Russian Toy;
83. Sher Charoida Orange (Baryshnikova E.) - Airedale;
84. Sher Laima Lady (Eugenia Polyakova) - Airedale;
85. Sher Grand Duke (Elena Pavlovskaya) - Airedale;
86. Sher Elza (Ekaterina Lazareva) - Airedale;
87. Sher Sheiply Boy (Ashat Mingaleev) - Russian toy;
88. Sher Largus De La Vie (Maria Shimkova) - Airedale;
89. Sher Honey Kona (Nadezhda Mikheeva) - Russian Toy;
90. Sher Jan Paul (Viktoria Shelaputina) - Papillon;
91. Sher Winston Cherchill (Oksana Alefina) - Airedale;
92. Sher Amati Dolce Vita (Maria Oskina) - Airedale;
93. Sher Rolik Yagodkin (Tatiana Yagodkina) - Russian toy;
94. Sher I*Maibah (Irina Yudina) - Airedale;
95. Sher Uzor Eclins (Alexey Burianov) - Airedale;
96. Sher Russkaya Pantera (Olga Larina) - Russian toy;
97. Sher Yason Bozhy Oduvanchik (Svetlana Sidorenkova) - Papillon.
98. Sher Sherlerua (Olga Shishkova) - Airedale.
99. Sher Interstar (Ludmila Gavrikova) - Airedale.
100. Sher Bars (Yuri Afanasiev) - Airedale.

Airedale-terriers   Russian toy-terriers  

Of course, you may visit our guestbook.

If you have questions or want to tell something - please, e-mail.



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